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Amazon’s Obsession Becomes 3 Keys to Success


I’ve talked about Amazon’s obsession on the customer and their innovative approach to business and customer service. I came across this video from a fellow customer service guru, Michel Falcon.

Some awesome points from Jeff on what’s made Amazon so successful (Do you see the pattern?):

1) Obsess over customers

Pay attention to your competitors. But put your energy and get your motivation from your customers. -Simple, Powerful, Genius.

2) Invent for the customer

You can invent your way out of any box you find yourself in.

3) Think long term of customers

Projects and services may pay dividends to customers right away (it has to), but may not pay off for the organization for several years. And that’s ok.

Early on in the video, Jeff talks about the mistakes, FAVORITE MISTAKES, he calls them that they made with Amazon. I love that…mistakes can be a good thing, it’s really one of the best ways you can learn and become better. It’s much easier to learn from what went wrong, than from what went right. Also much easier to learn what DOESN’T work, than what DOES work.

Amazon didn’t find an excuse to NOT provide awesome service. They just went out and did it with what they had.

Obession over the customer and focus on customer service doesn’t require a fancy office or a complex business environment. Amazon started out in Jeff’s house, with extension chords coming in from a bunch of different rooms into an office where a bunch of computers were setup.

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  • themanagr

    Pure customer experience and customer focus poetry by Jeff Bezos. #custexp #custserv

  • MichaelBoyadjian

    I was reading an interview by Jeff Bezos a few days ago, where he really stress the importance of mistakes. I’ve only started to appreciate the importance of failures and mistakes over the last few years. Our entire educational system is setup to make us fear failure from a very early age, and yet, like you mentioned there’s more to be understood about success by analyzing the failures than possibly even the successes. Good post.

    • themanagr

      @MichaelBoyadjian It excites me every time I hear awesome entrepreneurs mention their excitement at failures…because they learned from it. That’s the key.

      The same goes for criticism. It’s where you find the greatest opportunities to learn and become better. Positive comments are extremely difficult to grow from since you get little insight into what you can do better.

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