I’m Flavio. I’m a Customer Service Fanatic.

Flavio Martins is The Customer Service Management Coach. Featured blogger coaching customer experience management, customer service management, and creating loyal customers through awesome customer service.

Do a Google search on the topic: CUSTOMER SERVICE. How many results do you find? The last time I did it, there were over 900,000,000 results on the topic. That’s about 3 customer service results per man, woman, and child in America. So why is it so hard to actually get GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE?

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Successful organizations with massive positive customer goodwill and awesome reputations are those that have embraced, live by, and innovate in customer service, customer experience, customer interaction and customer delight.

I can’t stand customer SATISFACTION.

Satisfaction is never enough. Is awesome customer service SO rare that organizations don’t even bother measuring delighted customers and settle for simply satisfied? Customer Service too often is SO bad that we’re actually excited when we receive even mediocre service.

I LOSE SLEEP over bad customer service.

Customer Service first began as an interest, that graduated to an amusing hobby, and matured into a passion. Today, providing awesome customer service is a full-blown obsession.

I annoy my wife every time we go out, since I tend to point out all of the points where organizations are failing in their customer experience and how they could be tweaked to really WOW the customer. I can’t understand why organizations would spend so much and go to so much effort to bring in customers, then treat them like garbage.

I’m frequently upset that so many of the comments are positive. I hate positive comments…ok that sounds bad, but bear with me. Positive comments give you no insight into how you can improve. It makes my job and my life extremely difficult. Negative comments are great. They’re easy. Don’t like this? Ok, it’s gone. Don’t like that? Ok, we won’t do that anymore. Done. Positive comments? How do you improve? Just be better? Sure, that’s no problem…yeah, right.

I wish I could buy from me. Just for the customer service experience.

I’ve spent A LOT of time on awesome customer service. I still spend A LOT of time on awesome customer service. I help and encourage my team to spend every ounce of energy each day on delighting the customer. Because of our focus, we provide AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE. Sadly, though, I can’t buy from myself. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I had a company like mine to work with each day.

My Technical Background:

B.S. Information Technology, Utah Valley University
-Emphasis in Management and Information Security

M.S. Information Technology Management, University of Denver (in progress)
-Emphasis in Organization Management, Leadership

Customer Service Inspirations:

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