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$20 Amazon Gift Cards = Customer Love

Want to make your customers love you? It’s easy. Go out of your way to connect with them, just to connect, not to get anything in return. Customers expect ANY contact from you to be sales-related or referral related. Don’t do it. Reach out to them and just to reach out to them. Send your customer a $20 Amazon gift card. Chances are your customer’s boss isn’t giving out gift cards. It’s your chance to wow them by doing that. Who couldn’t find something on Amazon for $20? And spending someone else’s $20? Even better.

Try any of the following and you’ll win customer love:
  • Send your customer a $20 Amazon gift card.
  • Send a company email thanking your customers. No promotion; just thanks.
  • Send a handwritten card to some of your best customers. Again, thanks.
  • Randomly choose customers who call in about service requests to receive a special gift, like flowers or candy.
  • Tweet your clients’ links on Twitter.
  • Overnight a shipment/Complete a project by the next day even though you didn’t have to.
  • Send your customer a post card for random holidays AND major holidays. Make up a holiday if you have to.
People are more loyal to people, than to corporations. Make those personal connections each day and your customers will love you. Reward employees for making those connections. Leave out post cards for your employees to write notes to your customers. Reward your employees for thanking, and treating the customer. If a customer gives you ANY feedback (good or bad), reward them. Incentivize your team to take care of the customer. Wow the customer.
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