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The CRM Crystal Ball. What CRM Will Be Like in 5 Years


Recently I came across a great article by Lauren Carlson, at the CRM reviews site Software Advice, discussing 5 key technologies that will change traditional CRM in the next 5 years.. It’s truly looking into a crystal ball to see the future of CRM. A key to great success today is having the tools and ability to manage, unify, and organize customer data and properly implement that data into the customer experience, before your competitors do.

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CRM systems in organizations today are being used to help predict what customers want now, how we can best provide it, and what customers will want in the future. The key in using CRM is to leverage the most amount of data available on the customer and use it to provide the best service and experience possible. Creating a personal, relevant overall service experience for customers contributes to the development of long-term loyal customer relationship. CRM thought leaders have constantly working to predict how technology can help this undertaking. 

Lauren was fortunate to be in contact with a stellar group of CRM consultants and CRM community thought leaders, the result is Lauren’s article about the 5 technology trends that will transform CRM in the next 5 years.

One CRM in the next 5 years prediction stands out to me as a fundamental shift from how business is current done. 2011 brought several key examples of the power of the customer to bend corporations to the will of the people. Netflix, Bank of America, Verizon, and others learned that business decisions must focus around customers needs, wants, and expectations. Decisions made against the will of the people, result in unintended consequences.

Real-time Customer Intelligence Will Become a Reality

In her 5 thoughts on CRM in the next 5 years, Lauren points out that the sources and variety of programs available to collect and manage customer data is exploding. Sales teams, marketing campaigns, customer service groups, analytics analysts all have access to so much customer data that are being incorporated into current business decisions and practices. Where we are lagging is in having the systems to use this information in real time.

Esteban Kolsky, from ThinkJar points out that:

We still don’t have the analytical tools to make sure we can deliver value in the instances described…We need to build the infrastructure to make sure there is value in the technology.”

Imagine marketing, sales, and customer service having the massive amount of customer data, preferences, history, etc. present in front of them as they’re working with the customer. Or as a customer is navigating a Web site or using a system.

CRM Advances Will Allow for Personal Customer Experience in Customer Service

Imagine a customer service team pushing the limits of customer management systems so that as a customer makes a phone call, we automatically have all of the customer data and background automatically presented to us before we even pick up the phone. When we pick up the phone, we then give that customer the most personal experience they’ve ever had because we have all of the tools needed to really know our customers available in real time.

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