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Organizational Growth = Potential Growth for Employees


A lot of attention now a days in management is on employee coaching, employee development, growing employees, developing your staff, and increasing efficiencies. However, a big factor in the potential for growth in each individual employee rests with the state of the organization. A mature organization will, generally, be able to offer its people more opportunities for growth and development.

As Drucker states, “the more the organization grows in seriousness and integrity, objectives and competence, the more scope there is for the individual to grow and develop as a person.” As organizations growth in size and experience, management comes to the realization that the way the business has operated so far internally, won’t necessarily ensure future success for the organization. The more time and experience an organization earns, the more refined the organization and its people must be. Customers are much more willing to overlook or forgive shortcomings with start-ups and up-and-coming organizations than they are with the established powers.

Established organization, thus turn their efforts into creating an atmosphere and developing opportunities for its employees to grow, develop, and refine themselves so that the organization can continue being successful.

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