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Tweetily - Tweet WordPress Posts Automatically


You’ve got your great blog content, now let Tweetily tweet WordPress posts automatically and drive traffic to your site! Tweetily is one of the MUST HAVE plugins for every blogger who wants to continue to drive traffic to their site automatically!

Let Tweetily Tweet WordPress Posts Automatically

Tweetily is a FREE WordPress plugin that will randomly pick your posts and tweet WordPress posts automatically to your Twitter account! Just activate and sit back and let the traffic start rolling in.

How does Tweetily Tweet WordPress Posts Automatically?

  • Countdown to the next time you’ll tweet WordPress posts automatically!
  • Use OAuth (log in straight from Twitter) to connect to your Twitter account!
  • Set a minimum time between it will tweet WordPress posts for you!
  • Use random time intervals so you automatically tweet WordPress posts naturally!
  • Set minimum and maximum age of posts that will be shared automatically!
  • Choose the number of posts your want to share automatically!
  • Tweet WordPress POSTS and PAGES!
  • Choose to exclude whole categories or individual posts!

All this completely FREE! You can tweet WordPress posts backed with free customer service from the Customer Service Management Coach!

So what’s so special about having something tweet WordPress posts?

You’ve spent your time creating and writing great content online. You’ve had your initial traffic based on your new posts…now what?

Tweetily will keep sharing your great content online and let the rest of the Twitter community enjoy that great content you’re sharing online! Set it and forget it. Let Tweetily do the hard work of sharing posts on Twitter.

Drive Traffic with Tweetily and Tweet WordPress Posts Automatically!

Don’t wait any longer. Get Tweetily today!

Head on over to the WordPress plugin site and get Tweetily!

Let it start working to tweet WordPress posts for your automatically and make your WordPress content keep working for you!

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  • Udegbunam Chukwudi

    I’m having serious issues with this plugin man. At first it tweeted 5 posts instaed of 1 that it was configured to do but to make things worse now it has tweeted over 30 posts at a go flooding my timeline and i doubt if my followers are happy with that :(

    • Flavio Martins

      Can you create a test login for your WordPress site? I’d like to log in and check the settings and see what is causing the conflict with the plugin.

      Some sites will have some custom settings setup which cause conflicts so I want to check it out.

    • Flavio Martins

      Just shoot me an email: [email protected].

    • Flavio Martins

      Can you create a test login for your WordPress site? I’d like to log in and check the settings and see what is causing the conflict with the plugin.

      Some sites will have some custom settings setup which cause conflicts so I want to check it out.

      Just shoot me an email: [email protected]

      • Ray

        I am having the same trouble. Seems to be tweeting many posts instead of the set amount. Twitter will ban me for sure if this continues

      • Ray

        I just tried changing to a different twitter account. Within 5 minutes it had posted more than 40 tweets. Disabled the plugin as don’t want to get banned. Very disappointed as the idea of this is excellent.

        • Flavio Martins

          Hi Ray, can you let me know what web hosting provider you’re using and also any caching plugins you have enabled? I thought I updated the plugin so that it wouldn’t be affected by caching. That’s what causes it to keep posting.

          • Ray

            Hi Flavio, I use Hostgator and the w3 cache plugin. My twitter account has been flooded with many, many tweets from my site which is an article directory. Just hope Twitter don’t shut down the account as a spam account. Hope you can sort this as the plugin is a great idea to get older content seen.

  • Flavio Martins

    Version 2.0 is now out and available on the WordPress Plugin site! Check it out!
    -Completely re-did the Twitter authentication.
    -Updated admin url issue people were having.
    -Bug fixes.
    Should be much smoother now for everyone.

  • Riboni Igor

    Hello Flavio, I installed your plugin but I have a problem … When the countdown reaches zero, nothing is inserted but if I enter the post manually via “tweets now” everything works.

    • Flavio Martins

      Hi Riboni,

      Thanks for letting me know. I’m still working out some of the issues with some different hosting providers. Looks like yours may be one of them with a customer setup.

      Could you create a test WordPress account and email me [email protected]?

      • Riboni Igor

        Hi Flavio,
        I’m Sorry but I cant create test accont in this site….

        I check the problem and in the error log i see:
        You have an error in your SQL syntax… at line 1 per la query insert into wp_timetable

        I your top-core.php on line 448 you have an insert in this table but i dont have and I cant find the creation funcion in your plugin.

        Can you write the query to create this table correctly ?


        • Flavio Martins

          Yes, I’ll send you an update to fix that and also submit an update to the main plugin files.

          • Riboni Igor

            ok thanks, wait for update !.
            When should it be ready?



          • Flavio Martins

            It was some testing code I had to test for some bugs, but it’s no longer needed. I’ve just submitted a fix on the plugin site. You can manually do it too. It’s just a small thing.

            On WordPress, click on Plugins > Editor > select TWEETILY > click on the file called top-core.php.

            On the editor window, search for the word: timetable

            The should contain:

            $wpdb->query(“insert into wp_timetable (time,last,ret,url) values(‘”.time().”‘,$last,$passed,’”.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].”‘);”);

            You can delete that line or just add // in front of $wpdb so it looks like this:

            //$wpdb->query(“insert into wp_timetable (time,last,ret,url) values(‘”.time().”‘,$last,$passed,’”.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].”‘);”);

            That will do it.

  • iPhone 5 !

    Hi Flavio, all my posts are excluded automatically, without selecting categories, any idea..?
    and when i click tweet now i got this message : No post found to tweet. Please check your settings and try again.

    • Flavio Martins

      Thanks for letting me know. Are you able to create a test WordPress account for me to login and test that? I should be able to find what’s keeping the plugin from logging in on your site and you can then start using that.

      I’ve seen that some Web hosting companies have a some custom settings that keep it from working like it should even though it works in almost all places.

      You can email me at: [email protected]

  • Ray

    Hi Flavio, any progress on fixing the bugs?

  • P. James Holland

    Hello Flavio. I have it set to 1 tweet every 24 hours. Then I noticed a GIANT drop in my followers in a matter of days. Turns out it is now posting about 15 tweet at the same time! I have not changed any settings since first install. How do I fix this and where do I find the log file?

  • Fotografia DG

    Hi Flavio, “Classipress uses custom post types for the ads and so the plugin you have referred to needs to support custom post types too.” Is there a way to get your plugin to work with custom post types?

    • Flavio Martins

      I’ll add this to my list of to-do items for the next update. Thanks for the input!

      • Fotografia DG

        Thanks I pel their availability. I believe it will be useful to many and will be the first plugin with this option.

  • Shayna

    Hi Flavio! I just installed Tweetily and I’m currently experiencing the tweet flooding problem. I use W3 total cache, and I’m on Bluehost. Can you help me fix it? Let me know if there are any other settings I should check or info I should provide - thanks!

    • Flavio Martins

      Hi Shayna,

      Hmm…I know that if it’s flooding, then the last update setting is still being cached in your WordPress database. Are you able to create a test account for me to see what it’s storing? You can email me directly at [email protected] with the account details if possible.


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