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Customer Experience Enchantment Recipe I Learned from Guy Kawasaki


Creating customer loyalty these days is tough and requires the type of customer experience that customers never forget. If you attended the SLA 2012 conference in Chicago, you were in for a treat as the famous Guy Kawasaki shared his 8 lessons on enchanting customers with an exceptional customer experience.

Why is enchantment key to customer experience? Because to enchant is to do more than persuade. It is to delight, to seduce, and to inspire.

Customer Enchantment is the Key Ingredient to the Customer Experience

Customers today are bombarded with choices, options, and vendors. When one steps up and enchants the customer, it creates that lasting impression. This impression becomes associate with who you are, what you offer, and where you’ll take the customer in the future.

This lasting impression is the type of brand equity that keeps customers coming back for more.

Guy Kawasaki’s Recipe for a Memorable Customer Experience

Guy Kawasaki lays it out in a simple recipe for a memorable customer experience.

1.  Customer Experience Requires Likeability

  • Show off a great smile. Put your whole self into it, not just your mouth.
  • Accept customers as they are, don’t think that they need to change.
  • Focus on “yes”, it should be your go-to move with the customer. Seek to help. Always.

2. Customer Experience Requires Trustworthiness

  • If you trust the customer, the customer will trust you.
  • It’s cliche, but with customers, you have to show that it’s win-win. Your win should NEVER be their loss.
  • Build customer relationships by making connections on points where you agree. Build upon each point of agreement.

3. Customer Experience Requires a Customer-Focused Product or Service

  • A customer’s point-of-view is golden. It’s the starting point to any effective change.
  • Develop products and service around what customers want to use, not what you want to build.

4. Customer Experience is About Action

  • Stories about what you’re doing, are the most effective way to make a connections with customers.
  • Using social media effectively is sowing seeds of customer loyalty.
  • Don’t just talk about something, do it.

5. Customer Experience Requires Overcoming Resistance

  • Use stories to back up what you want your service or product to accomplish.
  • Use statistics to show how effective it is.

6. Customer Experience Requires Endure

  • Stick with it, even if you don’t see the results right away.
  • Build a community around your product or service, they’ll sustain you in times of need.
  • Give back to customers and they’ll keep you going in the long run.

7. Customer Experience Needs Effective Presentation

  • Customize your introduction in each presentation
  • 10-20-30 Rule = 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30-point font

8. Customer Experience Uses Technology Effectively

  • Remove the speed bumps
  • Provide value, particularly with social media
  • Provide information, insights and assistance

Guy Kawasaki’s recipe is a framework for any organization looking to take it’s customer service to the next level and create a lasting impression on their customer base. Ultimately, each decision we make, every product or service we provide has to show the customer that we understand their needs and are catering to what they need and want most.

Once we have that in place, we’re just getting started. Having a product or service isn’t everything.

You achieve the memorable connection with customers when you’re able to tell stories and encourage your customers to tell stories about how that product or service connection was made and the good that came from it. When we’re telling stories of how lives were changed, we’ll know that our enchanting customer experience has been effective.

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