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3 Keys to Great Customer Service Vision


Not very many companies set out to offer bad service, but many struggle in defining what is great service and end up offering mediocre service.

Great Customer Service isn’t hard. But you have to always know and train to recognize the needs of the customer.

Great customer service vision comes down to understanding, answering, and establishing training around 3 key questions. Remember, it’s all about creating an exceptional customer experience.

1. What do my customers want from me and from my company?

Think about what your customers need and what your customers expect. Knowing the two and being able to meet and exceed them is critical to creating an awesome customer experience.

2. How does my work serve the customers?

Consider your day-to-day role and assignments and how they help your customer. What do you need to do to be able to help the customer? How will the customer benefit from you being able to do an excellent job in that area today? If I don’t do a good job, how do customers suffer?

3. What are the details – little things – that make a big difference in my customers’ satisfaction?

Awesome customer service means paying attention to what’s important in your customers’ eyes. What really counts for the customer? Are you consistently trying to do those things that make it count for the customer?

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