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A Happy Customer is a Free Sales & Marketing Rep


Business are spending more and more each year to bring in new clients. In management and business courses, one of the classic ideas in business is that it costs much more to bring in a new customer than to keep a customer.

With advertising, online ads, marketing campaigns, etc. It’s each to overlook one of the greatest assets business have in their marketing efforts: the existing customer base.

Your existing customer base represents a wealth of contacts and unbiased reputable referral system. If you can provide such a level of quality and excellence in the service you offer that your customers can’t help but talk about what you offers, you then have one of the greatest free advertising campaigns going for you.

Businesses often fail in capturing this unique prospect because they don’t really excel in their service to a point that they wow their customers into saying anything. It’s useless to solicit anything from your client base until you’re blowing people away, then encourage them to talk. Look for review sites online are a third party that you can refer current clients to comment on your offerings, then encourage new potential clients to see what others are saying about you.

You can talk about yourself and tout what you do better than the other guy all day, but in the end, the potential customer generally wants to know how you’ve treated others because that’s how you’re likely to treat every new customer.


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