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Developing a People-Focused Company Culture


The ultimate goal of the organization should be to enable ordinary individuals to do extraordinary things.

The organization that is succeeds in in this ultimate goal of helping each individual reach their ultimate potential, all share in the following practices.

  1. The focus of the organization is on performance. The first requirement being high performance standards for the group as well as the individual.
  2. The focus of the organization is on opportunities, not on problems.
  3. Decisions that affect people (including pay, benefits, opportunities, advancement, etc.) are in consistant with the values of the organization.
  4. In people decisions, integrity is the key to all people interactions. Integrity allows individuals in the organization to trust that the preaching of values and culture will be upheld by management when the time for decision making comes.

Drucker explains that all of the exhortation, sermon, or good intentions are, in the end, not meaningless if the organization does not practice that which it claims to believe.

When a decision is to be made, think: Am I focusing on performance of the group and the individual? Is the decision based on current or future opportunities? Am I doing what is best for people? Am I acting with integrity?

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