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The Customer Experience Super Powers


One of my amazing talents is my customer experience super powers. Yes, I’ve got them and you can have them too. You don’t need to be from a distant planet, be bitten by a radioactive spider, be bombarded by cosmic rays, or even have to be part of a secret government experiment.

These customer experience super powers can be had by anyone with a desire to fight against bad customer service and it’s evil minions of customer apathy, mediocre service, and generic customer experience.

Do you want customer experience super powers?

I’ll share the secret behind my super powers to help you in creating an exceptional customer experience with your own super powers. Will you join me in the fight for the great customer experience? Here are my super powers and the secret way you can get them too. My inspiration for this customer experience super powers comes from David Crandall and his brand superpowers.

Here are my 3 customer experience super powers and the secret behind developing each of them.

Customer Experience X-Ray Vision

Expertly able to analyze exact customer needs.
Quickly identify real customer solutions.
Drastically improve the customer experience.

Customer Experience Telepathy

The ability to communicate complex answers to customers.
Finding ways to imagine creative ways to solve customer problems.
Consistently able to influence customers to follow my solutions.

Customer Experience Information Consumption

A superhuman ability and willingness to consume large amounts of customer information and quickly implement it in the real world to solve real customer problems, creating a positive customer experience.

The Fight for Customer Experience Justice

In my customer experience justice fight, each day, I…

  • Solve customer service problems - all kinds of customer problems, big, small, interesting, boring, help large businesses, small ones too, and even individuals.
  • Lead others to perform great customer service - and teach others how to solve all kinds of problems.
  • Continually develop customer service - always searching and implementing new ways to do things faster, bigger, better.

You can have customer experience superpowers too! Developing these customer service skills isn’t hard. But you have to be committed and think like a customer experience super hero.

  • Believe that failures are the learning process of success.
  • Ask “why” instead of just saying “no”.
  • Believe that passion and energy are requirements to walk out the door in the morning.
  • Accept your fears, acknowledge them, keep doing things anyway.
  • Know you can exceed your expectations.
  • Commit to getting things done. Every single day.
  • Love people, love action, love service.
  • Smile. Laugh. Be cool.

So get out there and rid the world of bad customer service and start creating memorable customer experiences. I’ve shared my customer experience super powers and the secret way to develop them. What customer experience super power do you wish you could have?

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  • David Crandall

    I love seeing other super heroes out in the field! Bravo. :)

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    this is some awesome explanation , it was my pleasure reading this article.

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