Successful customer service culture requires constant development, progression, and reflection each and every day.

Each day you settle in to the same place, do your typical things, work with similar types of people, and generally answer the same type of questions. Days blend into each other, weeks, months, sometimes even years can go by in a blur. We can get in a rut in our efforts to deliver an outstanding customer service experience.

Part of being successful and effectively creating an amazing customer service culture requires constant development, each and every day. It’s not customer service vs. customer experience, but utilizing customer service to deliver the customer experience.

3 Questions to You Must Ask Yourself Each Day

Answering the following questions will help you start the next day on the right path. The answer to these questions ensures that we understand where we succeeded, where we need improvement, and how we’re creating a better atmosphere for tomorrow.

  1. How many people did I WOW today?
  2. How did I fail at creating a memorable experience for someone?
  3. How did I contribute to making my team better today?

We can’t always rely on customer feedback to give us a sense of where we are. It’s not the customer’s job to do that. Like a birthday or holiday gift, the most effective customer feedback is generally rare, so we have to turn to accurate self reflection of the core outputs of effective customer service to determine if we’re hitting the mark.

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